Born in Indonesia in 1984, Victor Utama is a photographer and engineer based out of New York, US. Specializing in landscape, portrait and street photography. Additionally, he is also a licensed commercial drone pilot (Approved by FAA).

A year or two after he stepped his foot in New York. He discovered a lot of "attractive" or maybe provocative images / photos floating around the internet which attracts his imagination. Decided to get Rebel XTi as his first camera, a very basic DSLR with kit lens. Then got his full frame DSLR just a few years after that. The rest is history. 

Prints, license and other keepsakes are available. Some other sizes are purposely made not available. For any other sizes, please reach out to him directly.

He can be reached at

Publication or Mentioned


1. Netmining

2. IgnitionOne

3. Penn Schoen and Berland

4. Viacom - Nickelodeon

5. Earth Law Center


There are few well known photographers that inspires him to take pictures and some of his works is influenced by these photographers:

1. Colby Brown

2. Jeremy Cowart

3. Thibault Roland

4. Peter Hurley

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